Use art to meet your shadow—the lost, forgotten and unknown forms

Make contact with your core self, the hidden identities, the bodies wrapped under blankets deep inside your heart.

Make space for your haunts, give them room to exist.

Your ghosts, demons, fears and struggles have created a path for you to heal and recover. Face them to move toward integration.

With enough self-awareness, you may transmute personal pains into soulful and purposeful lessons, to become centered and focused, and move toward creative bliss.


Making Order from Chaos


My name is Kelli Tompkins.

I’m an artist, writer and designer based in South Salt Lake, Utah.

I love gardening, eating, and believing in magic.

I’m a sacred art visionary muralist, painter and poet.

I tap into meditative states to create original artwork. My paintings, illustrations and murals are spiritually or divinely-inspired from personal and mythical stories.

My vision is to create in order to inspire others to recover from what ails them. I seek…

  • to create spaces where people feel safe to uplift and recover themselves;

  • to aid in the restoration of balance after chaos;

  • to preserve space for divine femininity in spiritual practices;

  • to help others learn how to integrate extremes into cohesion.

Playful art sets the stage for divine expression and creates space to uplift us after long days and tiring nights.

I believe deeply in the healing, restorative power of art.  I create moments to rest, because peaceful spaces help us acknowledge the presence of pain.

In a world full of legitimized fears, it’s more important than ever to create space to honor your sacred individuality. Listen to your truth, and connect with all aspects of yourself, in order to embrace the divinity that only you can bring to the world by being yourself in safety, light and joy.

What is the creative spark your inner Goddess, God or Buddha needs to grow?


Sad Snake Girl, postcard size


Custom artwork captures playful moments of magic

I delight in the unexpected: bright colors, double exposures, light leaks.

I'm inspired by surreal color palettes, like crystal prisms in quiet, salt cities; rocky, alpine flowers and seasonal aspen leaf shifts; high Uinta glacier lakes and sprawling, southern red rocks.

The most profound project I've had the opportunity to work on was painting a Bodhi Tree mural, the tree under which Buddha obtained enlightenment, at a Vietnamese Buddhist temple, Chua Lien Hoa, in West Valley City, Utah.

Other creative capabilities include:

  • I collaborate and create artistic commissions with you.

  • I write fantastical screenplays and emotionally-packed short scripts.

  • I develop divinely-inspired brands and campaigns with creative guidelines, vector illustrations, logos, and icons.

Follow my creative journey

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Playful art creates space for divine expression: I believe deeply in the healing, restorative power of art.