2017 Wrap Up

2017 Events + Best Ofs

  • Carlos moved in to our cute home (it's also my first time co-habitating with a partner!) 

  • Visited Carlos' family farm in Costa Rica for his 30th birthday + invited my sister

  • Made a good filmdemonium: Hellward Hound

  • Published a poem in the Kurt Vonnegut literary journal

  • Published a poem in Brinley’s cute lil zine (Lead | Protect)

  • Received a bunch of really nice poetry rejection letters

  • Had my chapbook long-listed with the Atlas Review (though not selected for publishing, hopefully soon!)

  • Created + launched this here website, MintFresca.com

  • Started making a back patio for the hot tub

  • Grew a single red sun flower, planted: chokecherry bush, cat mint, honeysuckle vine; orange flowers in the front, yarrow, pine leaf penstemon

  • Volunteered to teach HTML + CSS to a class of refugees, in the Know Your Neighbor volunteer program. 17 of the final graduates earned full time jobs once the program completed!

  • Donated art to causes I support

  • Cooked lamb rack + shank successfully

  • Made my best ever lamb + chicken bone broth so far

  • Made a Mrs Kitchenista's inspired "hamburger helper"

  • Saw Steve Nicks + Solange live in concert (not at the same time)

  • Started exercising + moving my body again

  • Made significant healing progress

  • Faced my overwhelming performance anxiety + video fear for a Skillshare test video

  • Recorded + edited audio for my own videos

  • Started making my own Skillshare teaching video on how to make a Snack Map, still in progress!

Phew! Part of me is like, is that everything? The other part is like, wow, I did a lot! This isn't even everything, just everything I wanted to share.

Nice, right? It’s doing me good to write things down, albeit infrequently. 

I hope all our 2018s are full of surprise + happiness. I'm still working on planning mine out, but you'll hear from me soon! 

Until next year, happy new year, friends!