Longway + MeowMeowPowPow Broadsides

Below are a couple of my latest published poems: Longway, as previously written about, published in the 2017 version of So it Goes, the journal for the Kurt Vonnegut literary library. Additionally, Meow Meow Pow Pow lit accepted 2 of my poems for publication as broadsides, one of which is shared below, the other I'll update once it's published.

Share with your friends if you like them, or let me know what your favorite lines are (it's always fun to know). PS: Click through to MMPP's website to hear some shoddy MP4s of me reading for them!


Flustered the split hair of
frustrated / a fresh of
breath air begging and aches for
breaks and fasts / weathered delivery
long gray days bright white screens traffic
dark skies moving stacked back on perspective rules
so many traffic lights hurt my heart all the
cars crawl in the fast lane though they say
driving hasty or speeding doesn’t get anyone
where they want to be any faster like
miles per hour make less difference
like a few extra dollars on better
beer at the grocery store / we might
as well take route 6 and smile through
switchbacks tight curves wind
whipped bangs stuck in lip balm
windows open for dogs hanging
out the back / tongues flapping / drooling
meat flags at high altitude arching
through rocky slopes / one
loud city across the rocky range to
another spot of light
coal turned to city
diamonds in dark
desert rough

- - - -

Psalm of urban brine

Ghost refrigerator in the laundry room plus all the things neglected
to mention or remember whilst cleaning house / dragging hair balls with cracked heels
some kind of panic / the stove left on / sink overflowing / chemical carpet burns
a dog shattered window covered by plywood pane / hair-balls and dish mold and black flies and

the refrigerator was just the wall / decided it was an easy mistake to make when butt-to-butt
yin-yang with at least one dog opposite directions
apologizing to the bracelet fresh on the top of the pile of all things ruined by

every door closed a breeze might blow one door stuffed cracked open with
old clothing so grab the sleeve and yank it in or toss the whole thing out and let the rest
of the world deal / take the pink unraveling / rejected baggage from bedroom closets

a city shares secrets in a room full of kids who sing the loudest about Jesus their drunk mother and suicidal father / anthems of youth in the city / the middle of the salt sea desert they all know the goddamn words and sing along catchy and slow but what else

someone smells like feet tired of the stories is it me do I smell like feet? so many bodies and
he sings of fetuses and something about being drunk in trailer parks / suffocating in armpits
everyone is sniffling and clapping when he begs like a church organ
please don’t leave me

MeowMeowPowPow Psalm of Urban Brine by Kelli Tompkins