Art Updates + Local Views

Hi everyone, thanks so much to those of you supported me at the Wild Earth Market + Boo Forever Collective Open Streets market. Follow BFC to catch my art at more frequent markets, or buy things from the online shop! Additionally, I’ll have a booth at the Front Climbing Gym’s upcoming art market on May 16th starting at 5pm, going until I'm ready to leave! Exciting!

Decarcerate Utah published an editorial of mine in Local Views, their first compilation of local opinions on abolition. Brinley talks about why abolition is important to the work she + Eliza do for Decarcerate Utah in a recent blog post of hers:

A big focus of my yoga practice has been ahimsa, or non-violence. That means attending to the violence you commit to yourself first, then the violence you commit to your close ones, the violence committed to your community, and finally the violence that your actions commit to the world at large.

Police, the prisons, the military, corporations and the state are all sources of violence, and we can’t forget that as we fight for racial, social, economic and environmental justice.

I highly recommend reading all the editorials in the compilation, it’s a very thoughtful + emotional collection. The zine is free to download + share but feel free to contribute to the cause by donating to the Chicago Community Bond Fund.

Read Local Views here