Light in Plein Air and Poetry


Some exciting news, I’ve been selected with 24 other artists to participate in the Urban Plein Air project, a live painting project on Thursday and Friday, 9/13-9/14. My randomly-assigned location is 110 S. Main St. in downtown SLC, UT. If you’re unable to stop by to hang out then, the project gallery opening will be 9/21 at the UMOCA from 6-9pm.

Come hang out with me and ask me about my painting process! I hope to see you.


What else is new with me? I quit my job last month! It was honestly so nerve-wracking, but the right move. I’m grateful for everything I accomplished there, but it’s time for something else.

Right now I’m taking a break to focus on personal work before deciding what’s next. I decided I no longer want to code, I don't even want to go back to graphic design like I did a month ago. I want to streamline my life, simplify as much as I can, and focus on writing and art for the time being.

Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should, right?


I finally finished writing a personal narrative essay that I started forever ago. Writing it was so difficult because some of my stories are tangled up inside me like dried noodles. I have to soften, then pull slowly.

After quitting, I made space for myself, centered myself, engaged in oracle readings, therapy, and dozens of hours of meditation. It was difficult to navigate the emotional space necessary to process trauma, put it on paper, and also work full time, feeling at times like an impossible task. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to say for so long, I had to put it down and forget about it.

Miraculously, I edited it down to ~2300 words, and pitched it for publication. Wish me luck. I think it turned out pretty OK; it's the first essay I've felt proud enough to pitch for publication.

Let's just say, I see why some of the most successful writers are wealthy, or are only able to write with the full time financial support of their spouses, which is somewhat depressing, alas we muster on.

Additionally, a poem I wrote about healing with Yoga Nidra will be in an upcoming issue of deLuge Literary Journal. The poem navigates dreams in the aftermath of grief, and how surrendering to, rather than resisting discomfort, provides a unique lens in transmuting pain to experience radical, healing transformation.


  • I created a Society6 store to test out my art on products--more to come! Is there anything you'd like to see there?
  • If in need of original art or prints from artists, including myself, you can buy cool things from Boo Forever Collective.