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February’s Bonus Offers

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February’s Divination Themes

Open your third eye to raise your vibration (this message brought to you by plumeria and echinacea). We also are looking at the messages of Desert Harvest, Blessing of the Kite Dancer, and She Rides with Wild Spirit Unbroken from the Wild Kuan Yin oracle deck.

What do you think about ‘signs’ from the universe?

Do you believe in synchronicities, or are there only coincidences?

These oracles say, by strengthening your intuitive powers, you allow your higher guidance to guide you in decision making. If you ask for obvious signs, the universe will give them to you. Pay attention to synchronicities, like repetitive numbers, animal sightings, coincidental songs… notice what strikes you.

Raising your vibration means learning how to discern what makes you feel good and what brings you or your spirit down. What makes you feel comfortable, joyful, blissful, and open, and what starts to shut you down, or close off your heart to others?

Can you find something to infuse your day with one more aspect of joy? Can you take a step to open yourself up to the possibility of things aligning for you, at the right moment, at the right time?

Listen to your body, it knows what it wants. Learn how to sit with and face your fears comfortably, to embrace your uniqueness, and your weirdness, or anything that you’ve been made to feel ashamed about, or too guilty to indulge your senses. Be patient with yourself as you learn what makes you sing.

Sometimes things appear outwardly as though not much is happening.

A desert in a dry spell, or even the long, cold months of winter, make things appear dead, when in actuality they’re dormant, or working beneath the surface. In winter, plants continue to grow by shooting new roots deeper into the soil. As winter progresses, buds form because the roots were successful in digging deeper, in excavating new minerals to feed the next season’s growth.

One cannot expect to harvest the fruit of plant from a seed planted with in the same season.

Sometimes sitting quietly, and sitting in stillness, doesn’t look like much is going on either. But if you’ve ever tried to sit quietly for longer than 5 minutes, you’ll know how much is going on beneath the surface of the mind, all the narratives, and thoughts, and memories, and plans. Watch how many stories you can tell yourself in the matter of a minute. Are they aligned with your present reality? Are they true? Are they stories someone else told you before, and where were you when you decided to believe them?

The more you slow down, the more you’ll be able to ascertain how you actually feel, when feelings are yours and when they’re things you’ve taken on from your environemnt. The more you learn how you feel, how to describe and tap into the wide range, the color wheel of emotions, the more you’ll be able to change and define how you want to feel going forward.

Consider Marie’s Kondo’s process of learning what sparks joy: you won’t know what joy feels like if you don’t allow yourself to feel the full extent of your feelings, including pain, sadness, anger.

Feel your feelings to the fullest extent of their expression, let them exist, don’t judge or blame them. Don’t blame others. Recognize where they come from, and understand that emotions are often triggered by events. A trigger is just a catalyst, a spark for a beginning. Don’t blame the catalyst and don’t blame the flow of emotions. Sometimes they just want to express and be expressed, like a discordant symphony of grief, or bitterness, or resentment, or perhaps, a symphony of gratitude and grace…

I had the idea that the world’s so full of pain

it must sometimes make a kind of singing.

And that the sequence helps, as much as order helps—

First an ego, and then pain, and then the singing.

—Robert Hass, Faint Music

Try to remember (it’s easy to forget):

  • Sometimes crushes-turned-to-love feel like puking up rabbits and rainbows…

  • Sometimes self-hate feels like walking through a beautiful forest full of light, but all you feel is the mist from the fog and clouds that surround you, you just can’t see... and,

  • Sometimes power comes from lying on the floor, believing you’re infinitely, permanently, broken…

…when in fact you’re perfectly divine, creating infinite possibilities for new, brighter futures.


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