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The Mint Passage

A one-on-one creative guidance program utilizing the power of sacred art and ritual, in order to help you feel empowered and aligned with the Yin Empress of Receiving, in times of chaos and change

Make unattainable goals feel realistic. Make order out of chaos.

Do you want a transformation to occur in your life but don’t know where to begin? Do you want to develop your spiritual practices through the power of ritual, art and writing, but need help defining structure to help you reach your creative goals?

The Mint Passage, is a creative project management program developed to help you forge a clear path forward, from chaos into order, no matter what kind of changes you want to make in your life.

A new program with limited slots available each month!


The Mint Passage Process

  1. Afrescmint Analysis assesses your present circumstance
  2. Develop Goals and Plan action steps based on how you want to feel
  3. Custom Altar Artwork to help you define space to practice making changes; artwork created by me and defined by your unique Mint Passage transformation!

After a metaphysical assessment, you have the option to sign up for additional 1:1 creative, supportive guidance with me, or less-intimate, traditional guidance through project management structure and altar development.

Together, we’ll look at the type of transformation you want to make, and develop goals and an action plan to help you practice being your new self.

Mountains at night, in gouache on paper

Mountains at night, in gouache on paper