Orient Your Life Using the Stars as a Compass

A Journey from Astrology to Human Design, with a focus on your Life Path, summarized with an Oracle card reading, at a Beginner’s Level

Have you ever heard of your North and South Nodes?

Are you interested to know what they are, where they are, which houses they're in, which planets are in them, and what aspects affect them? Your North and South nodes in your chart are considered your Life Path directional guides.

The South Node is where you feel more comfortable. You probably have natural strengths, abilities and the tendency to want to stay here because it's comfortable. It can also be the place where we end up being a little critical or judgmental toward others, ie: if this thing is so easy for me, why is it so difficult for them?

The North Node is like the North star leading you toward a future you can't see from the South Node. It can sometimes be a little more challenging to work on things that present themselves here, and it can even be where you find yourself getting taken advantage of, or where you need to develop stronger boundaries, discipline, or structure, and explore opportunities for growth.

Although more challenging, it's said that time spent working on issues in the North Node will leave you feeling more fulfilled and satisfied in your life in the long-run.

Embracing North Node challenges is not a quick fix for your life's problems, but it can be an enlightening way to reimagine some of your present circumstances.


Break free of existing patterns by trying something new: Move from feeling chaotic to centered

Empower your intuition to confidently lead you to make courageous, aligned life choices in the direction of joy and creative, personal or spiritual fulfillment.

Learn more about your life journey by taking a deeper look at your astrological north and south node placements in your birth chart.

In addition to your astrological profile, you might consider looking at a slightly more complex type of astrology called human design.

I’ve heard people say that if your astrology chart is a reflection of your personality, your human design chart is a reflection of your energy.

By looking at your energy and personality profiles, you can gain a broader perspective on your past experiences, and make conscious decisions about how you want to move forward.

Receive support interpreting your charts, and how to make the most of this information in a way that’s applicable and logistical for your present and future circumstances.

  • Learn how to compost your past and use it as fertilizer for future growth.

  • Learn to feel ecstatic and excited about life again.

  • Get in touch with creativity and playfulness with a lighthearted and carefree spirit.

Orient yourself amidst the stars, find your place in the universe.


Why choose me to guide you through your journey’s gateway?

I can help you look at where you’ve been, what’s impacted you in the past, your strengths, your opportunities for growth, and help you develop a broader, big-picture perspective.

I’m a career-creative professional (artist, writer, designer) with an uncanny ability to complete quality projects quickly. I have Sun in Aries, (Balsamic phase) Moon in Pisces, I’m a Rising Taurus, and a Projector (my Human Design type), and most importantly, I’m a Yin Earth Dragon, all of which mean I’m here to help and nourish you during times of growth.

By helping you gain a broader perspective of where you’ve been, and figuring out what needs to be left behind and what can come with you into the future, you can do it with guidance. You can see what the stars have to say about your life path. You can see if the ways you want to feel are aligned with the life path the stars created for you.

At the end of our call, to wrap up the introduction to your new self, we’ll pull Oracle cards using a layout and deck (or decks) specific to you, your chart, situation and immediate needs going forward.


Your first step is to attune to the call from the universe, and recognize the call to change.

Once you learn how to embrace the fears keeping you stuck, you can commit to making change. You can take a step in another direction.

Eventually, you’ll feel the grace of feeling centered, and will have learned how to stop, breathe, and take in the broader perspective of where you’ve been, how far you’ve come, and where you need to go next.

  • You’ll no longer feel pressured, stressed, rushed, or unsure of what’s ahead.

  • You’ll feel confident in your ability to go with the flow, to wait as needed and take action when the signs are clear.

  • You can learn how to live with ease…

Take the first step toward your future by accepting your invitation, if you dare.

Have any questions, did I leave anything out? Message me! Let’s connect!

Lunar Node and Human Design Introductory Reading
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Lunar Node and Human Design Introductory Reading
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