First-Timer Astro-Oracle Readings

First-Timer Astro-Oracle Readings

222.00 249.00

Introductory Reading

  • Human Design chart + 101 introduction

  • Western Astrological Natal/Birth Chart reading

  • Upcoming monthly Astrological transits

  • Intuitive Oracle reading, layout and deck dependent on what arises during our first call

  • 1:1 support for 1 month

The Details

  • The first call, we’ll review your natal (birth-time) western astrological chart as well as complete a surface-level primer on your Human Design chart

  • The second call, we’ll review upcoming astrological transits, which means what’s happening in the sky right now and how it impacts you.

  • We’ll also review your intuitive Oracle reading, which means depending on what arises in the first call, I picked decks and a layout to clarify your problem or dive deeper into divine guidance where needed.

  • This offer includes follow-up 1:1 support for 1 month via Voxxer or FB Messenger

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