Tea Leaf Reading, Flow of Influence

Tea Leaf Reading, Flow of Influence


This 9 card layout begins with a theme, choose from Happiness, Marriage, Love, Wealth, Career or Success, which we’ll place at the top of a pyramid Flow of Influence. The reading will reflect how the chosen theme is flowing through your life based on your current energy imprints.

The two cards below the theme have the most immediate influence on your question, the next three card have will have the subsequent influence, and the last four cards have the last and final impact on your question or situation.

You can select a time frame for the flow of influence you want to know more about, choose from days, weeks, months or year (ie: influences to expect in 2 days on the first tier, 3 days on the second, 4 days on the third, etc).

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Tea Leaf readings may take longer to complete depending on the current number of orders. If longer than 2-3 days, I will notify you at the time of your order.