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The Mint Passage

A one-on-one creative guidance program utilizing the power of sacred art and ritual, in order to help you feel empowered and aligned with the Yin Empress of Receiving, in times of chaos and change

Make unattainable goals feel realistic. Make order out of chaos.

Do you want a transformation to occur in your life but don’t know where to begin? Do you want to develop your spiritual practices through the power of ritual, art and writing, but need help defining structure to help you reach your creative goals?

I'm excited to introduce a beta-launch collaborative creative program, called The Mint Passage, which is an individualized mentorship program developed to help you forge a clear path forward, from chaos into order, no matter what kind of changes you want to make in your life.

A new program with limited slots available each month!


The Mint Passage Process

  1. Afrescmint Analysis assesses your present circumstance
  2. Develop Goals and Plan action steps based on how you want to feel
  3. Custom Altar Artwork to help you define space to practice making changes; artwork created by me and defined by your unique Mint Passage transformation!

After a metaphysical assessment, you have the option to sign up for additional 1:1 creative, supportive guidance with me, or less-intimate, traditional guidance through project management structure and altar development.

Together, we’ll look at the type of transformation you want to make, and develop goals and an action plan to help you practice being your new self.

Mountains at night, in gouache on paper

Mountains at night, in gouache on paper

The Afrescmint Analysis

Assess Past and Present Circumstances

Gain a clear picture of the past by taking a look at your natal chart, in Eastern + Western perspectives, to gauge how space and seasons might be affecting your present.

Develop perspective for where you've been, who you are, where you are currently, and decide where and who you want to be going forward.

Fill out an Afrescmint Analysis form to gain more understanding of your metaphysical circumstances.

Curious to know what the Afrescmint Analysis is like?

Download a FREE Sample Afrescmint Analysis below.


About Mint Fresca

I’m a sacred visionary artist, which means I tap into meditative states to create original works. My paintings, illustrations and murals are spiritually or divinely-inspired from personal or mythical stories.

Playful art sets the stage for divine expression and creates space to help us heal from long days and tiring nights: I believe deeply in the healing, restorative power of art.  

I create magical moments in order to rest. Peaceful spaces help to acknowledge the presence of pain. What is the creative spark your inner God, Goddess or Buddha needs to grow, and flourish?

In a world full of legitimate fear, it’s more important than ever to create safe spaces in order to honor your sacred individuality.

Creating sacred spaces to honor individuality allows you to find and listen to your truths, and embrace the divinity that only you can bring to the world by being your core self in safety, light and joy.

“I remember the long division of Saturday’s / pomegranate, a thousand nebulae in your hair” -  Jeffrey McDaniel, Absence

“I remember the long division of Saturday’s / pomegranate, a thousand nebulae in your hair” - Jeffrey McDaniel, Absence


The Mint Passage

1. Afrescmint Analysis

  • $222 for an in-depth response via emailed PDF Analysis
  • $444 for a 60 minute phone call to:
    • Review your Afrescmint Analysis in-depth
    • Ask further questions
    • Develop 1-3 realistic goals for transformation
  • Google Form Questionnaire with PDF Analysis Email Response
    • Taoist and Western Astrology with notable components
    • 9 Ki Square
    • Directional sleeping circumstances
    • 2-card oracle reading
    • Advice, questions or quick notes specific to your transformation
  • $30 for Afrescmint LITE
    • Taoist Astrology with notable components
    • 9 Ki Square
    • Advice, questions or quick notes specific to your transformation

I intend to send your follow-up email with your assessment results as soon as I can (usually within 1 week).

After The Afrescmint, if you'd like to move forward forging The Mint Passage, this is what you'll get:

2. Develop Goals and Plan

  • $1,111 for two (2) 60 minute phone calls
    • Includes follow-up 1:1 support for 1 months
    • Via Email, Social Media, Texts, and Phone calls during business hours
  • $555 for one (1) 60 minute call, without direct 1:1 follow-up support
  • Support Calls and Status Updates
    • Develop 1-3 realistic goals for transformation
    • Provide metaphysical and logistical project support
    • Check in on progress 1x week via email or other media
  • Trello Board Pre-Set-Up
    • 1-3 Actionable goals divided up into approachable phases
  • Metaphysical Goodies, Including
    • Human Design chart + introduction
    • Reference guides on directions, colors and crystals for alignment
    • Color scheme, bedroom, and sleeping habit recommendations
    • Overall Chakra assessment
  • Individual Processes Diagram that outlines all required phases for a completed transformation
  • Productivity Matrix
  • Other project tips + tricks

3. Altar Art

  • $2,222 for Custom Artwork of You as a God, Goddess or Buddha, as defined by your unique transformation along The Mint Passage
    • 18x24" maximum size traditional painting, illustration or mixed media artwork
  • ALSO Includes:
    • Personalized guided meditation/ritual, sent as text or audio, to support and enhance your transformation, that correlates with your artwork
    • Unique sacred altar creative direction, tips and recommendations on directions, materials, gods, goddesses and items to include that will enhance and support your transformation
  • Use the total amount of what you’ve paid so far as a down payment on the remainder of the total price of your custom artwork
    • If you’ve paid for VIP direct support, you owe a remainder of $667 to take custom artwork home for your sacred spaces
    • If you’ve paid for traditional support on The Mint Passage, you owe a remainder of $1,445 to take the custom artwork home


Ready to Forge Ahead?