Eating a Snack is a Spiritual Act

Welcome to my new blog, Mint Fresca. 

After years of closing myself off to sharing, Mint Fresca is a concerted effort to feel free to be myself, wildly and with abandon. 

I hope it becomes an experiment in radical vulnerability. I hope this space is a loose, creative expression of things I enjoy most, including food, plants, events and friends. 

I need a place to log progress, to share goals, snacks, memories; my favorite places to go and things to do. I hope this space progresses into conversations about joy, pleasure or spirituality.

Why I started Mint Fresca

  • To meditate on releasing control and going with the flow;
  • To revere food, gardens as conduits for the fantastical and magical;

  • To document travels, memories, experiences, plants and places;

  • To recognize the dream and innocence in adventure;

  • To undo the conditioning that blocks access to no-thingness;

  • To trust the intensity that comes from turning inwards;

  • To experiment, and most importantly, to play.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.