Confront Fears for Harmony


Reduce discord

To find harmony in chaos

How do you find harmony in chaos?

Reduce discord.

For the fourth of four client signifiers, i.e. animals who represent people who would benefit from aligning their life and vision with the stars, we accost Boar, who confronts her fears with courage and optimism.

Are you ready? You need to confront whatever it is you’ve been avoiding or resisting.

Boar confronts personal weaknesses and changes them into strengths by embracing the feeling of discomfort.

If you need support in setting boundaries or confronting the things you’ve been avoiding, consider aligning your life with the stars.

Learning more about your lunar nodes gives you the structure to face your weaknesses and convert them into personal strengths.


I grew up in a toxic family situation.

My mother was undiagnosed but struggled with mental health, personality disorders, or who knows what.

I struggled for years feeling angry and resentful, because my mom, who had her own problems, also got away with doing and saying whatever she wanted, regardless of the consequences, and she seemed to care little about how her actions impacted others, including her children.

As I got older, I started confronting her relentlessly about the things she said.

She hated that, and our relationship got worse, until she had a freak accident in 2007 and died. I stopped talking to her 6 months before that, and still experience the grief.

I don’t feel bad that I stopped talking to her, because I don’t believe she was capable of acknowledging how unwell she was, and how harmful she was to her loved ones.

I grieve the loss of a loving relationship with a healthy mother.


Perhaps this story resonates with you, too.

Is there something you’ve abandoned, thinking it was too difficult to complete?

Is it a project, a goal, a challenge, a conversation? Face your feelings around the situation, and then get to work.

If you’re procrastinating, stop avoiding the inevitable.

Remain present and mindful. You already possess the courage you need, and your challenges won’t just disappear.

If you don’t believe you are brave, you’re only deceiving yourself.

Call on Boar to tackle feelings of helplessness or weakness. Cut to the heart of the matter.


Choose harmony over drama.

Confirm who you already know yourself to be, and have the stars at your back to support you.

If you experience certain types of hurt, and you don’t learn to face and heal your hurts, you can end up projecting that same type of hurt onto others.

Stand courageously, take accountability for your person wrong-doings, and commit to change, knowing it’s for the best, for you and all your loved ones.

Honor the truth of yourself by committing to confronting your personal weaknesses. Face them, listen to them, promote them to your board of directors but don’t let them run the show.

Gentle, loving, compassionate and direct communication is the best way to say what needs to be said. Stand your ground, and don’t allow others to psychologically bully you or deflect from your point.


You were born into your South node.

This is where you'll find the things you’re naturally talented at, and have karmically mastered in this or previous lives. This is the place that’s comfortable and easy to stay.

Your North node is 180 degrees opposite from the South node on your chart, so it’s the farthest possible journey you can take in this life time.

It’s your biggest struggle, the thing you find repeating over and over. The lesson you continuously struggle to learn, whether or not you’re aware of the issue.


So if you choose to embrace the challenge of journeying to the farthest possible point from what you know and where you’re comfortable, then the rest of your struggles will be comparatively easier.

You’ll feel confident and empowered.

You’ll trust your ability to handle any situation that presents itself to you. If these messages resonate with you, consider this your official invitation to align your life with the stars.

Learn more about your north and south nodes, and feel empowered to take the next step toward your new, bright future, whatever you want it to be.