Dreams in Darkness


Bat Brings Rebirth

Surrender to stagnation in order to begin initiation

For the third of four total signifiers, we’ve moved back to the sky… but this time, at night.

The sun’s down, blues in the night sky darken, and Bat, sent from the underworld, flies from the comfort of their home and into the sky, echo-locating nourishment.

But, not you…

You may still be upside-down, in the comfort of your cave, or your tree, refusing to heed the call of your destiny.

  • You may feel more comfortable hiding.
  • You may not want to wander, to search out what you need to grow.
  • You may choose to do nothing because stagnation feels easier than choosing to face the endless options waiting for you.
  • You may KNOW your destiny is calling you, but you feel petrified to heed the call.

Does this sound like you?

You may be resonating with Bat, the symbolic carrier of Rebirth from the underworld of dreams and darkness.

Do you know where you’re not leveraging your full talents, and where you’ve dammed the flow of energy with a lack of movement?


Surrender to the stagnation. Surrender to your initiation.

Surrender to spiritual death and release what no longer serves you.

Be wary of staying stuck for too long because resistance can suffocate the new life wanting to be created, birthed or manifested through you at this time.

Open your wings, move your body, and face the unknown ahead of you.

With death, through rebirth, you can release—a burial under the earth softens, it softens your skin and bones for roots and sprouts to push through and grow.

Rebirth requires darkness. It requires the world of dreams, which are primarily accessible through darkness and sleep.

If you’re hanging onto the past, you could be self-sabotaging your rebirth by damming the flow of life.


Don’t be afraid that you can’t see where you’re going.

You’ve been gifted with a special power—your intuition, like a human sonar—that will guide you where you need to go.

You have to use your talents, use the tools you’ve been given, or you may lose them. If you don’t echolocate into the dark of night, you’ll never know where to find nourishment on your journey forward.

Trust that your intuition, aka your sonar, will lead you toward nourishment, sustenance, and growth.

If you’re unsure if you can trust your intuition, you might have been taught by others that your logical mind is more sound than your emotional or intuitive reasoning, and you may still need to unpack your social, cultural, religious, or familial, conditioning.

For you... I’d like to offer you a judgment-free zone, a place where I can be your sounding board.

  • I offer you the freedom of expression to voice, outloud, solutions within you, waiting to be expressed through you.
  • I offer you a judgment-free perspective to help you sort out which emotions, perspectives, goals or opinions belong to you, and which are things you’ve picked up along the way.
  • I offer you darkness and warmth to center yourself, to sit vulnerably in a safe space, to sprout your new seed into whatever valiant expression of life is growing from your roots.

Learning to respect, honor and trust your intuition is the straightest path forward to embracing your life’s path, and your destiny.


Open your wings to soar above the heavy burdens and mundane trivialities that keep you stuck.

Embrace the rebirth that grows in darkness.

Returning to a safe space of innocence is the only way to release the layers of armor protecting your inner child, who desires joy and play. Protect them.

Rewrite the narrative around your wounds to heal the version of you who wasn’t safe or protected when you were younger. Make space for them now. Play with them through conscious dreaming and meditation.

When the time comes to step out from your red tent of puberty and rebirth, make sure to go slow and nourish yourself.

Greet the sun at dawn, watch how light changes as it rises. Take a chance. Walk around the block to smell the flowers. Love yourself and your body and your skin which glows, fresh, delicate, tender.

How can you learn to honor yourself and the innocence of your new life?

Embrace the opportunity to play like a child discovering the world for the first time.

This is how you’ll soar, even in the dead of night.


Spiritual death and Rebirth is an intense initiation... a death of the old ways — death of your life as you know it, death of your identity, habits, potentially of your relationships or locations.

This type of initiation can be challenging to experience, and debatably abusive on your body, spirit and mind. It may throw you wildly out of balance to experience a spiritual death or ritualistic rebirth.

However, it’s not all bad news… Initiation into your new life will teach you about your fears, and your fears, in turn, teach you about what you value.

Embrace your fears to learn who you are and who you want to become.

If you resist ritualistic death it may feel like a long drawn-out painful release.

Use your mind, your courage, and your strength, to correct the breach of labor that can occur from a stillbirth.

First, decide what needs to change. It can be one things, or it can be many things. Change one thing, see what happens, and then change another. Be flexible with change. Try it on for size. See what aligns and what rubs you the wrong way.

If you’re struggling to decide, you may be experiencing mental clutter.

At this point, I recommend actually clearing physical space. Throw things away. Clean a room. Put something back. Donate some items you don’t love or never wear to a place that will rehome them to someone who will.


Movement shifts energy.

By moving things around, including yourself, it’s possible to get energy flowing and moving again.

Make sure to replace whatever energy you've released with the energy of how you want to feel instead — joyful, confident, relax, empowered?

The path forward involves learning to love yourself enough to invest in reciprocal relationships with others who give love, support and make space for you as freely as you do for yourself.

Explore your feelings with art and poetry.

Use Begonia to set boundaries and help you prioritize making space and time to do the work you're resisting.

Then, surrender to whatever it is you're resisting.

  • Contemplate and meditate on your worth.

  • Yearn to manifest your heart's wildest desires.

  • Flow through your upcoming changes with ease.

Be patient, and trust that everything happens in divine timing.

And in the mean time, if you're ready to say yes to support exploring your lunar nodes, consider this your official invitation to align your vision and mission with the stars...