Shed Your Past Lives


In Slithers Snake

Release what no longer serves you to align with abundance

Do you feel like your old, reliable habits, which previously kept you safe and comfortable, are now keeping you in a rut?

Have your patterns become nonproductive? Do you feel stuck?

You may be resonating with Snake, and Snake’s loss of rhythm.

Snake naturally has the ability to shed and integrate in order to embrace the new. It’s your magic of transmutation: the ability to embrace change, authentically and alchemically, and to integrate old realities into your present experience.

That means you have a seemingly magical ability to learn lessons from your life's experiences, which gives you the enhanced ability to evolve and glide into new versions of yourself, and to easily embrace new challenges.

Are you ready to shed your past and orient your life with the stars?

Consider this your official invitation to dip your single-snake toe into new waters and explore your lunar nodes.


Snakes embody the experience of oneness and universal consciousness.

Not to be downplayed, your ability to tap into the experience of oneness includes the ability to embrace universal abundance as well as natural cycles of change.

Snakes ability to shed their skins makes them appear as though they supersede the natural cycle of death-rebirth-life.

Are you masking your natural ability to embrace change?

Immerse yourself in the oneness of universal consciousness.

Tap into the feeling of being a tiny drop in a huge ocean. Ocean water evaporates into clouds, which rain or stratify back into dew, all part of the natural cycle of water and change.

I invite you to recognize and honor your power to tap into rhythm and flow.

You naturally embody the very essence of creativity, sexuality, healing and psychic energy, and you have the inherent ability to integrate any past experiences in order to achieve transmutation.

To accept your invitation, you may need to release the skin of your present reality, and dance your way into a new version of yourself.

You need to find a new rhythm to glide into the future.

Tap into your natural rhythm by orienting your movements with the flow most aligned with your future growth; recognize and honor your power by accepting my invitation to explore your lunar nodes.


Do you feel like you’ve lost your spark?

You may be resonating with Snake’s need to shed and release the old in order to make way for the new.

I’ve always thought ‘transmutation’ was such a funny word, it’s difficult to grasp, which makes sense, because Snake’s transmutation also embodies the essence of fire. Try grasping onto any kind of fire for too long, you’ll literally burn yourself. Holding on can burn you.

You need to release what no longer serves you in order to make space for all the abundance headed your way.

By not shedding your skin, you become musty, dry. You lack clarity and shine. You may find it difficult to move freely, because the identity you’re wearing is so tight and restrictive, you may even feel like you can’t breathe.

You’re outgrowing the version of self you just were.

You might be different today than you were even yesterday, and that’s your magical, natural ability to change, as embodied by Snake.

Gain perspective by shedding old identities and accepting your invitation to explore your lunar nodes. See for yourself what the stars already know you're capable of.

Photo by  Jordan Gellie  on  Unsplash

Your ability to integrate and change often comes from a sordid past, full of bites, poisons, or predators. Snakes embody the essence of healing.

Two snakes intertwined is a symbol for healing. Snakes integrate all past negative experiences, including physical, mental, emotional or psychic bites, toxins and predatory attacks.

You have a strong instinct to seek out comfort, to escape danger and to protect yourself.

Photo by  TaiLi Samson  on  Unsplash

Integration is something I talk about a lot with my therapist, because I have a natural tendency to express everything. He says not everything needs to be expressed, but all things need to be integrated into your holistic understanding of yourself.

Maybe a good example of integration is the way we make antivenom for snake bites.

If you get bitten by a toxic snake, you’ll need a vial of antivenom, made with venom from the same type of snake that bit you. By integrating some form of the toxin into our immune system, we teach our body how to heal and recover from the snake.

Through acceptance and integration, you embody the alchemy of fire, change and transmutation.

Right now you might need to transmute and integrate a past, negative experience in order to achieve wholeness and balance.

Transmutation is a heavy magic, only requiring from you a change in your state of mind, your perspective, your consciousness.

While outwardly that might not seem like much, it takes create energy and effort, the same way making antivenom is a painstaking, resource-intensive, time-consuming process. So make sure to rest and nourish yourself.

Photo by  William Warby  on  Unsplash

What's the antidote for Snake?

What friction, what discomfort, will help you shed what your body is desperate to release?

You may benefit from cleansing your chakras fairly regularly, if not daily. Dance more. Tap into some kind of rhythm and flow.. Drumming, chanting, dancing are all acceptable alternatives.

Find a rhythmic movement to you to help glide into a newer, more abundant reality.


It will help you to be grateful for all you currently have, as well as for everything headed your way. Honor and revere all forms of abundance you receive, be they monetary, creative or healing abundance. Put this abundance to good use, in ways that will nourish your spirit and the new version of yourself.

You deserve to be and have everything you desire, especially if your vision and mission serve the broader good.

You’re a complex, multi-faceted being designed to grow, almost limitlessly, as abundantly as your resources allow.

By releasing anything that no longer serves you, you create more space to continue to shift and grow into larger, vaster volumes of yourself.

Make the space around you welcoming.

Cut ties with anything that threatens to restrict your growth or your safety.

Leverage friction to grow to your next-level evolution.

Dance on water, sun bathe on a rock on a sunny day, enjoy the fruits of your labour as you continue to evolve and master your magic.