Hawk's Message from the Stars


Hawk’s a-knockin’

Will you heed the call to orient your life with the stars?

Do you ever find yourself coming home from work, or wherever, and just turning on the tv and tuning out?

Are you emotionally “checked out,” either on the job or at home, because facing any or many of your tasks feels overwhelming?

Do you find yourself giving in to distractions, like Netflix, or social media, or video games, or online shopping, or _what_ever!, instead of facing the thing(s) that you know are causing your overwhelm?

You may have a keen eye and a big heart, but have shut down your powers of observation, because something in your life has become too painful to feel, unbearable to fear, or too dark to see.

If this resonates with you, you might be ignoring the call of the Hawk.

Hawk represents Messenger, and exists as the bridge between the heavens and earth. Hawk is here to send you support and guidance.


Hawk carries a message directly to you from the stars…

are you paying attention?

I’m here to tell you that Hawk and your guides want you to know you’re protected, loved and safe. You have everything you need to forge ahead on your path, and you’re perfect exactly as you are.

You don’t have to change anything unless you want and choose to.

However, if you’ve allowed your emotions to cloud your perceptions, it can be difficult to discern intuitive messages from your higher self, body or spiritual guides. Emotions can cloud your perceptions especially if you’re off-balance, tired, burned out or in need of (intensive) rest.

Ask or pray for assistance from your guides, who love you unconditionally, and be willing to accept help from them in all ways, timelines and bodies. Trust that your guides hear you, and help is on the way.

The tonic for you is to rest, and ask for support.


However, the problem arises when Hawk is unable to penetrate through the chaos, the distortions of your clouded perceptions, and the addictions to your distractions, regardless of how loud or obvious the message, if you refuse to listen to and heed the call.

You must choose to pay attention and be mindful of your surroundings, including your ability to emotionally-color the situations in your life depending on how much stress you’re experiencing.

Stay observant and perceptive in order to recognize the messages from Hawk, then make sure to follow the guidance you receive.

Some things to ask yourself are:

  • Do you know who your guides are?
  • How are you connecting with them?
  • How are you making space for them to feel welcome and heard?

Learning about your astrological chart can help inch you closer to embracing the universal support that’s already in place, ready and waiting to guide you.

Learning more about which planets, elements, gods or goddesses rule which aspects of your chart gives you the ability to revere, honor and connect with different guides who are energetically aligned with supporting you in different ways.

You may also have different ways of individually connecting with the different planets, elements, and energies they represent. There’s (mostly) no wrong way to explore connecting with your spiritual guides (unless it’s racist or appropriative).

Be humble, open-minded, open-hearted, conscientious, respectful, and stay ready to receive messages and support from your guides who love you unconditionally.

Reorient yourself with the stars by, first of all, resting, and having compassion for yourself, your challenges and your growth.

You are always exactly on time, and every self-perceived “failure” is an opportunity to learn. There’s nothing you need to change, except possibly, occasionally, making an adjustment to your perception or self-perceptions.

By increasing your powers of perception, you enhance your ability to receive messages from your guides, and the universe, to make informed decisions, and honor the most energetically aligned opportunities headed down your path.


Tapping into your intuition to heed messages from your guides will help you feel empowered and confident to make decisions. You have the power to overcome any overwhelming situation you’re dealing with, potentially as easily as shifting your perspective.

It’s time to move from the position of being the observer and become emotionally involved again in your life story: explore your lunar nodes to orient your life with the stars.

If this resonates with you, leave a comment, DM me, or you're officially invited to explore your lunar nodes now at mintfresca.com/nodes!